Our staff has long experience in topographic mapping regarding all kinds of topics as well as maps of the real and photogrametry. In addition to these our staff has experts of information technology who offer support in geographical data systems (Geographic Information Systems - GIS), spatial data infrastructure (Spatial Data Infrastructure - SDI), the construction of systems of information (databases / spatial databases - geodatabases), Treatment of spatial images, satellite and aerial with modern methods (Remote Sensing), and Programming. Besides technical skills in the field, our staff has the sense of solving problems, very creative and dynamic.


  • Edmond Lekaj

    Administrator of Geo Consulting ltd

    Has a 27 years working experience and combines management skills with high level knowledge of latest technologies of spatial data handling. He has thorough field mapping experience in topographic mapping dealing with all kinds of thematic information. He has vast experience of the complete range of photogrammetry, GPS…

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  • Alfred Beqirllari

    GIS/RS expert

    Has joint Geo Consulting ltd in 2003. He has a high level of knowledge of latest technologies in computers science. He has vast experience of the complete range of PC hard. He has good knowledge in computer networking, telecommunication systems, Internet, Operating Systems such as:Operating Systems: MS-DOS, LINUX…

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  • Migel Ali

    Expert GIS

    He has been a part of the staff since 2008. Graduated at the Polytechnic University of Tirana in Geodesy, he has participated in important projects that the company like:

    • Installation of WEB-GIS System at ATP (Property Treatment Agency);
    • Installation of the WEB-GIS System
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  • Aldo Vogli


    He has been a part of the staff since 2010 working as Economist, Geo Consulting sh.pk. Parallel to this task also covers the Public Procurement part, as well as the Coordinator withCentral and local public institutions. He has knowledge of the programs where the company operates and has assisted in implementing some of the company's projects.…

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  • Sotir Misha


    Has been part of staff since 2015. He has good knowledge in design and architecture and also has good knowledge of computer software in this field. He has participated in all the projects that have been aroused by the company during these years where he has gained new knowledge and has grown professionally.Programs:

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