Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

  • Business Rule's Analysis
  • Database Modeling
  • Software Developing
  • Technical Support
  • Training
For every field where GIS may be implemented :
  1. Addressing System
  2. Immovable Properties
  3. Land Use
  4. Buildings (houses) database
  5. Water supply and sewerage systems
  6. Electricity systems
  7. Road systems
  8. Telecommunications systems

Multipurpose Geographic Databases
  • Studies covering all Albanian Territory
  • Regional Planning
  • Urban Planning
  • Water-Supply and Sewage Projects
  • Immovable Property Registration
Rich and well organized archive of GC, makes the GIS support fast and qualitative.
  • Institutional Analysis
  • Spatial Database Modeling
  • Standarts of Digital Information
  • Consulting on Immovable Properties

Institutional analysis for modeling GIS databases in the local government agencies is the field where GC has been working for a long time now. Spatial databases modeled by GC give you completeness, accuracy and efficiency. Standardization of geospatial data capture and storage is very much related to cost, time and efficiency. Spatial analysis of different time maps is a strong support on monitoring urban and rural changes as well as for decision making on the future.

3D Terrain Anlysis
  • Digitalization of isoipse of topographic maps of different scale
  • Creation of digital terrain models (DEM)
  • Analysis of three dimensional models (3D)
  • Three dimensional modeling of ground objects (residential centers, infrastructures, etc.)
Coordinate Transformation

Nowadays, GPS is being used more and more, even for non-surveying purposes. On the other hand the access to internet has made it easy to find and download geo-spatial data, i.e. everybody can download spatial data from Google. In the situation, where the geo-spatial data come from different sources and different reference systems, there is need to transform them to other reference systems, i.e. to Albanian reference system.

To handle this situation, GC offers the service of transforming the reference system of the spatial data. GC has also built a software, which helps on that purpose.

Scanned Maps Processing

GC has built and maintained its own database for monitoring and geo-referencing of any scale paper maps (scanned), that are produced in Albania.We are using this database as a base reference for geo-referencing other maps as well as for checking the positional accuracy of any spatial data.

Processing of Aerial Photographing

GC is able to realize the digital processing of analog aerial photography (the film) and digital. Orthophotos as production through three-dimensional photogrametry models both through the use of separate images has always been one of the areas where the GC has settled many of its clients needs.